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Teachers Association for Excellence in Education (TAEED) is the former name of Alliance of Teachers for Innovative Education and Excellence Inc. The organization was created from the collaborative efforts of selected first batch of the Department of Science & Technology (DOST) – scholars in Mindanao State University—Institute of Science Education (MSU-ISED) together with the dean of MSU-ISED, Dr. Nenita B. Reteracion. The scholar’s experienced and erudite wisdom from the different international and national conferences they participated, ignited and challenge them to envisage a career dedicated for promoting excellence in education through research; believing the motto “if others can do, why can’t we”.


  • To become an internationally known organization in the field of research, publications and trainings.


To provide opportunity for the researchers, teachers, students, and other stakeholders to have an avenue for research output, collaborations, guidance, and pedagogies in teaching for excellence in education;

  • To contribute the ongoing efforts foe a world class academe;
  • To publish a peer reviewed journal both in national and international publications;
  • To train teachers and students in scientific writing; and
  • To enhance teachers pedagogical content knowledge in any field for achieving excellence in education.


  • The main goal of the organization is to provide a broad—based research conferences and trainings in multidisciplinary fields for achieving excellent education in the different participating academe or universities.

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